Erich Zahn (obsceen) wrote in bootwhore,
Erich Zahn

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Another xxxxclusive

Alpen Hans - Herrlich das leben in die alpenweiden (Erich Zahn Terrorprojekt remix)
Remixed by Erich Zahn exclusively for our LiveJournal fans! Get it while it's hot

Click, you foo'
Click ze strange german guy zo get ze song, ja?

Now, since we've been so generous, I think it's time for you to do us a little favor.
I would like all of you Soulseek users on this community to create a little Bootwhore folder in your Soulseek Shared Folder and just put every single Bootwhore Kollektiv song you can get your hands on in there. Share our stuff, spread the virus! This will be a huge help for us, because the more people see our stuff around, the more they will get interested.

We will, of course, keep supplying you with the much needed Bootwhore Exclusives, so stay tuned!
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